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…is run by Angela Hackett and Larry Watson who have been working in the field of professional development for over twenty years.   They bring a unique and enjoyable way to access learning into behaviours and habits that really move teams and individuals on to significant success.  Committed to the ideal that only in personal awareness can real progress be made – both in terms of personal fulfilment and in professional success.  They work individually with executive level individuals and enjoy the reflected glory of seeing their clients  go from strength to strength.

“We understand that the enhancement of soft skills like communication, self awareness and team working can be the dynamic link to releasing an individual’s true potential for success, both professionally and personally.  Qualifications alone are no longer enough to secure real progress”   –  Larry Watson

The Way Consulting was created by Larry Watson and Angela Hackett over ten years ago in the belief that it was possible for a personal and business development company to work in a positive atmosphere of enjoyment and integrity providing a service that would  encourage meaningful  personal development and provide a sound return on investment for customers 

We wanted to create a service that not only made a difference in supporting organisations to grow and develop but that also support each individual to feel more fulfilled and engaged – I know that every company benefits from employees that feel valued and supported in their personal development – both parties are rewarded with exceptional results and the energy in contagious   – Angela Hackett

The Way Consulting services always ensures that clients achieve excellent value for money.  Working with clients in an atmosphere of mutual regard and respect knowing that there is more potential in teams and individuals than is often realised.  The Way are committed to that service and are committed to improving and developing strategies and programmes that engage , stimulate and excite and importantly provide real results.  The Way are the people to speak to when ordinary, dull training just will not work.


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For further information on our services and how they can benefit you contact us at Telephone:  01737 831700     email: Info@TheWayConsulting.co.uk