Coming Home In 2013

Odd isn’t it, that we think that the change of a date will somehow mark a new beginning in the way any other day cannot do.New Year from the Way Consulting

We might look at the 31st of December and think tomorrow will be the start of something new.

More good stuff or perhaps some good stuff at last. If that’s the case then surely it is all just a mind trick and we could do that any day of the year should we choose to.
I am not a big fan of the whole New Year’s Eve thing. All that forced ‘fun’ I wonder does it bring out the rebel in many of us. The resistance to not make a huge fuss of the event just because we are meant to be celebrating and looking forward to this new beginning. Small rebellion admittedly, but refreshing nevertheless. So what can we summon up for a new year?

A new start of attitude or outcome perhaps. The old line, if you keep doing what you have always done you will get the same results comes to mind, and therein lies a conundrum.

When does any repeated attitude or behaviour become repetitive and amount to just doing the same thing, and when does repeated behaviour become striving for the outcome and sticking with it until it comes good? How can we recognise the difference?

I think the start is to consider when am I most ‘me’. When do I feel most complete and involved in what I am doing? What takes my whole attention and does not feel like work; or at least if it feels like work it feels like fun work.

I say this not only because we can suppose that what we love we will do more of and in all likelihood get better at but because sometimes it might take us a while to get to the successful place we want to be and therefore we might as well at least enjoy the journey.

I am reading Keith Richards autobiography at the moment, and again the journey begins with a lack of money, home comforts and a full stomach, but also seems to come with complete immersion in what he was learning and becoming and thus a deep joy.

So for this coming year, and in light of these thoughts, I offer you the wish that you will do more of whatever the heck makes you feel whole, whatever makes you feel ‘ah this is home’. A sense of familiarity and comfort with the job you do and with any luck and a good wind you might also fill your wallet and be of use to others while doing it.

Roll on 2013


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