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Accelerated Development Groups

In addition to our bespoke short packages we offer Accelerated Development Groups. Over a longer period we lead, peer supported, in depth consideration of a variety of personal development tools. This is a package that transforms long term success outcomes.

The programme will focus on nine main outcomes;
  • Personal Development the greatest need to develop self-awareness; understanding core beliefs and motivators can liberate success dramatically. We consider beliefs that might hinder development how to challenge unneeded and unhelpful beliefs. Personal development and awareness will be introduced in our first meeting but it will be a constant theme over the space of the year.
  • Goal setting - Achieving a sense of purpose behind every action, using focus and clarity leads to understanding and achievement of desired goals.
  • Brand You - each of us presents an image to the world. We consider the messages we intend to send and if that matches the message actually sent; from body language to confidence and beyond. Offering clarity to those around us how we would wish to be treated.
  • Relationships - The core of the human experience we lead participants to be more effective in all areas of personal and working relationships.
  • Time Management Recognising and applying effective and productive time management allows freedom from superfluous tasks; freedom to spend time on all the high return activities.
  • Networking Invaluable for any success in business/ We consider how to build and develop networks, both online and in person. We offer understanding of how to overcome anxiety of one to one interactions to getting you message and profile in front of a bigger audience.
  • Communications and presentations - Increasing every level of performance related to both business world and personal life by mastering the art of communication. From personal interactions through to presentations and meetings. This is clearly linked with the next instalment.
  • Negotiating and selling  - Increase the ability to sell a message learning how to capture the desire for people to follow you through their own thoughts desires and actions and withstanding and managing negative and anxious responses in a meaningful manner.
  • Leadership Increase effectiveness with a positive influence over a larger sphere of people by learning to be an outstanding leader. Clarity of the difference you are making in the world will lead to a position where participants can pass on knowledge, skills and ideology to a greater number of people.

We provide strong support for participants to support and guide with clear access to our coaching expertise allowing any sticking points to be quickly addressed and mastered.

‘Having been a client of The Way Consulting I had some idea of what I was signing up to when I enrolled on the Accelerated Development Course. True to form the engagement by Larry and Angela was exceptional. The sessions are both fun and challenging to the extent, that even at the end of the day, it was almost a shame to leave. I am looking forward to forthcoming sessions and even keen to do the set homework. It is clear that this course will help me to move forward into my potential’.
AH Senior Officer Kent Constabulary

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