Fear Of Failure

At last, our newest collaboration is up and working, www.PoliceintoPrivateSector.co.uk , and I can now reflect on what may sound like a new arrivalcliché but does have roots in truth. That often what makes us the greatest struggle, is the thing we value highest.

It has also allowed me to reflect on how quickly we forget how far we have come. How much more we know on a week to week basis, and how we sometimes forget to check that out and think we are the same person we were a year ago.


Our team first came together 7 months ago. A great idea that feels like it has taken a long gestation to get happily out into the world. Now the baby is delivered, growing, and developing on a daily basis.

I have enjoyed the challenge of bringing all I have learnt in the process of setting up a successful business and taking to the market what I have learnt over the last decade. Only now I can do it in a much tighter time frame and reflect on how far social media, technology and my own brain’s ability to learn new tasks has come.

All very well, I hear you say, what’s engaging about that? Well my greatest reflection is how we underestimate ourselves, our ability to learn past ‘a certain age’ and how far too many people play safe. We all seem to think that ‘other people’ can do things more successfully than us.

But why should we not be the one at the top of the tree? I can say quite clearly that you are more capable and intelligent than you know. The main trick is knowing what you want, something too few people ask themselves before setting off to achieve their aim, and therein lies the pivotal question, do you know what you want? And if not, what stops you enquiring, fear of disappointment? Fear of failure?

There is never any success at all without failure. Ask anyone who you consider is doing well in whatever field, and they will always know the times they failed. You? You have failed somewhere for sure, the world did not stop, you got up dusted yourself off and survived. The only damage is often to our egos, and don’t let that tricksy fellow hold you back; you are capable of amazing things if only you put your mind to it.

Now ask yourself, what will I do?


Owner of both The Way Consulting www.TheWayConsulting.com and Police into Private Sector - www.PoliceintoPrivateSector.co.uk Communication specialist with emphasis on personal and professional development

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