Learning Circles

In addition to our bespoke personal development training and coaching sessions, we work in group settings on a monthly basis, facilitating shared learning and development.

We lead, peer supported, in-depth consideration of a variety of personal development tools; consider behaviour and styles and its impact on others as well as the individual and facilitate the group thinking beyond the obvious – working on the premise that we do not know what we do not know yet!

The outcome is a focused group of individuals with increased resilience and an increased awareness of their own learning curves and a new enthusiasm to lead powerfully.

This is a package that best suits senior management individuals, and teams who have already developed their style and understanding, and are keen to take their own professional and, importantly, personal development to the next stage.

The programme focuses on areas that will feel familiar and often absent in business life –

Personal Development is at the core of all the work on this area. Understanding the need for continued development of self-awareness, understanding personal core beliefs and motivators can hinder or liberate success dramatically. We consider beliefs that might hinder development and how to challenge unneeded and unhelpful beliefs.

Resilience Achieving a balance and understanding of the benefits of increasing resilience in self and others. Supporting needs when appropriate and yet challenging and encouraging growth in performance and confidence.

Communication The cornerstone of progress, happiness and success. Acknowledged widely as a challenging issue, we bring understanding and confidence to managing challenging conversations and situations. We consider the best routes to getting one’s message across and making an impact in both hard and soft settings. We work with each group to understand non-verbal language; are you saying what you think you are saying?

Personal Presence Public speaking is agreed to be the activity that strikes horror in the heart of many competent and confident people. We show the group how to take the pain away and enjoy the experience along with holding attention in any presentation or meeting.

Presentations & Interviews Whatever the setting, personal or within a business setting, promoting and presenting your ideas in a compelling manner is essential. We lead groups members to refresh and renew their skills updating and invigorating to improve and refresh.

Is time just slipping away? Recognising and applying effective and productive time management allows freedom from superfluous tasks; with the freedom to spend time on all the high return activities.

Soft Conversations & Difficult Discussions Like it or not those casual conversations over lunch or relaxed interactions have a huge impact; this is a chance to polish up your act! Equally it is all too often that even senior managers struggle to deliver challenging news in a useful and constructive manner that allows everyone to retain their dignity.

Leadership & Motivation Skills Group members with invariably attended numerous leadership courses so this is a chance to share and discuss what works and why. A chance to look with fresh eyes is always welcome in helping the group to increase effectiveness, with a positive influence over a larger sphere of people. Clarity in the difference you are making in the world will lead to a position where participants can pass on knowledge, skills and ideology throughout the organisation.


We provide a ‘tough (and respectful) love’ approach. Challenging and questioning but always supporting. Our coaching expertise, honed over decades in the field, allows any sticking points to be quickly addressed and mastered.

“Having been a client of The Way Consulting I had some idea of what I was signing up to when I
enrolled on this Development Course. True to form the engagement by Larry and Angela was exceptional. The sessions are both fun and challenging to the extent, that even at the end of the day, it was almost a shame to leave. I am looking forward to forthcoming sessions and even keen to do the set homework. It is clear that this course will help me to move forward into my potential”.


Andrew H – Senior Manager,  Kent Constabulary