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At The Way Consulting we specialise in personal and executive development - helping individuals and organisations to realise and live up to their potential.

With decades of proven and highly regarded experience we have designed an original and meaningful service to achieve outstanding results in term of personal and team growth.

The centre of our work is the creative application of original and sophisticated techniques, often built around the behavioural skills – communication, leadership, personal presence and emotional competence –combined with techniques for exploring and developing creativity and innovation.

We know that what people value most is not just theory but the opportunity to learn and experience the practical techniques that make theory work. Participants leave our courses knowing not just what to do, but how to do it.  They leave with high energy and thoughtful observations on how to develop both themselves and their teams.

Our courses are not developed in isolation – they benefit from our extensive experience of mentoring and coaching individuals and teams and the specialist input of our experienced team of trainers.

The Way Consulting start with your needs; it is imperative and cost effective to design courses that are tailored to the specific objectives and development needs of our clients.

Organisation specific courses are a great way to team build and are highly flexible allowing you to dictate duration and timing. You dictate the venue anywhere in the world.
Examples of some of our tailored modules include:
  • Organisational Politics   -   The skill of managing up as well as across
  • Team Development sessions – Consider the speed of response and effectiveness of your teams.
  • Re-energise the team  -   Refocus and reintegrate your team 
  • Trust  -  Trust invariably dictates team success in dividends and improved profits
  • Leadership – Appropriate responsibility -  do your team members understand their role?
  • Communication – Including Interpersonal problem solving and clarity of personal effectiveness
  • Presentation Skills – Whether making a pitch or getting a  message across presentation excellence is invaluable
  • Maximising performance – Both personal and group
  • Change  - Acceptance and accelerating change
Tested and honed over nearly two decades of exceptional delivery, our courses bring positive results and compelling recommendation.

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