Testimonials for The Way Consulting

“Having worked in the public sector for nearly 30 years, I have attended a number of courses aimed at developing management and leadership skills, including undertaking 360 deg feedback and Myers Briggs assessments, so I thought I knew me quite well.
Larry and Angela and my co-delegates however, have taken my knowledge of me to another level, always challenging me to question and understand better why I do, or indeed don’t do certain things, in a very safe learning environment.
Knowing better others see me and the impact I can have, and what my barriers have been have empowered me to take responsibility for my own development and feel confident to move to another level, thanks.”

Paul B.


“I thought the day was probably one of the best I have had. It was not ‘death by Powerpoint’ or ‘continual handouts’ it was extremely interactive, fun and it got me thinking about how certain behaviour can be misinterpreted by others. During the day I also picked up some tips on how I could develop my own skills on a personal & professional level, which could then be applied either in the workplace or at home.”

Isobel D, Emerald Group.


“Whilst Angela has worked with me on presentation skills, interview techniques and communication it has been in the area of identity that she has had the greatest impact. She has subtly ‘held a mirror to me’ so that I can see how I am seen by others. This has helped me realize my skills and abilities and that I whilst in the past I might have sought affirmation from others that I do not need to do this. I have felt that she has pushed the ‘reset button’ on my perception and rating of myself and as such I am able to operate freely without the need for affirmation. This process was done with great skill and enabled me to ‘see it’ rather than just telling me the truth, which was a more effective and powerful method of delivery.”

Andrew H, Kent Constabulary.


“The feedback from delegates has been extremely positive. They have described their experience working with The Way Consulting as enlightening, powerful and fun. Most, but not all of the delegates, have recently been involved in a highly competitive and stressful promotion process. TWC enabled them to recognise their strengths and identify, for themselves, those areas where a change would help them to ‘grow’ both in their professional and personal lives. Delegates reported how changes in their attitude and behaviour had been acknowledged and commented on by colleagues and families.”

K Russell, Development Officer, Metropolitan Police.


“What I particularly liked about their work is that they dealt with both the individual and the team as a whole. As a group each member was at very different stages of their development However they pitched it in such a way that different levels and needs were catered for and met. Consequently I personally got a great deal from the days and as a team we were also able to take our work to a new level. As a direct result of this very positive experience I have again engaged The Way consulting at various opportunites, they consistently achieve dynamic, tangible results for both the team and individual.”

Charles G Bromley, Business Leader.


“I knew that I had a long record of success in promotion assessments, however, I also knew that I was up against the very best candidates and I had to identify an approach to my preparation that would enable me to deliver a performance that would secure that half a point more than my competitors. Working with The Way Consulting helped me to analyse the process in a fresh way and tailor my performance accordingly…I came 3rd of of a field of 60.”    

John B, Senior Detective, Metropolitan Police.



“The Way came to see us, understood our business immediately, highlighted our strengths and weaknesses -without being embarrassing – and made us go forward with renewed confidence in ourselves and in one another. It’s fun, it’s very rewarding, but it’s tiring if you put everything into it – and nobody gets hurt. We’ve recommended them to others, because what they do is such a good discipline for any company regardless of whatever stage their business is at.”

Mike Richards, Capital City Media.


“Larry and Angela created an environment where individuals felt safe to expose their personal strengths and areas for development through the use of creative and innovative exercises. By the end of the sessions, our confidence as a team, my role as the team leader, and our clarity of vision and purpose was clear. We felt invincible. We went on to achieve phenomenal success. I owe much of our success to The Way Consulting. They were the key to unlocking our potential.”

John J, Senior Manager, Public sector.


“An excellent couple of days. It reinforced, positively, some of the things I knew about my character and clarified my understanding of ‘self’. I will use this newly discovered wisdom wisely.”

Simon P, Communications Executive.


“Working on a one to one basis with Angela provided results far better than I ever have hoped for. I had no fixed expectations and found enough flexibility to explore my own barriers that needed exploring. There was not a single wasted minute
Confidence was the main aspect of what we looked at and this has helped me at a key time in taking on a new role. The flexibility and openness of discussions was exceptionally useful.”

David W, Senior Officer, British Transport Police.


“Through both good times and bad, I have received incredible support and assistance from Angela Hackett who is able to assist and advise from a completely detached and unbiased stance which leaves her seeing, very clearly, options for the way forward. Angela has become a firm mentor and solid friend along the way. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Caroline Clark, Kidd Rapinet Solicitors.


“I joined them on a Mentoring and Self development course. We have so far had 4 meetings and at a personal level I have found these to be extremely helpful, to the extent that they have helped me to work out what is really important in life for me and my family. This is likely to lead to a complete career redirection focusing on core skills and what I enjoy doing. I would really recommend Larry and Angela for any one to one or group training – just be prepared for what may prove to be a life change experience!”

Rupert H, Surrey Business.



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