Who did you say you were?

Had a great day working with one of our Accelerated Development groups on Wednesday. No matter how many groups we work with they are each so astoundingly different. Each group as an entity seems to take on its own distinct personality.
Larry and I always try to bring a diverse but complimentary group together and I know that there is some intuition is involved but I am struck by how complimentary they all become to each other. There seems some synchronistic force at play.
Over the last couple of months they have become so reflective and incisive it is a delight to see. I must admit I am usually quite exhausted by the time they all leave
I can see how this more in depth work brings such powerful results.
As time goes on, trust builds and the real people start to come out. Why the real people? Because it seems that so often we are obscured. Obscured by our ideas of who we should be. Often in the first instance to please parents and then on the lifetime journey of trying to be the person you feel the world has prescribed, in some process of osmosis , that you should be. It takes some powerfully good luck to arrive at our adult life happy to present our real self.
And yet once the veil is lifted and the real self comes out it all becomes so easy. The ease to please oneself seems to liberate others and the authentic true person, warts and all, is suddenly so attractive and so easy to be with.
I like the quote by Jack Canfield – Most fears cannot withstand careful scrutiny. When we expose our fears to thoughtful examination they usually just evaporate.
It seems to me that as we move through each course date and people have greater tools to question their motives, and know themselves better all sorts of opportunities seem to open up.

Angela x

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